Disney World Scavenger Hunt


While Liz and I were in Orlando for ICAST, we decided to host a scavenger hunt for you all. We dropped off clues at each theme park for prizes including new fishing reels, 100 gift cards, and even Sprinker Frogs.

If you find any of the clues or prizes, film yourself finding it and feel free to give a shout out to your social media sites. We will create a YouTube video of all the winners video clips after all the prizes have been found. Winners send video clips to info@hanablomst.com.

Rules: You can only claim 1 prize per household. Please do not attempt to find other clues and prizes after finding your first. Send us an email after finding a clue or prize so we can update our status page below.


Animal Kingdom:

Big Tree Clue/Prize - Found by Chris Mendoza!

Avatar Clue/Prize - Clue found by Chris Mendoza!

Hollywood Studio:

Haunted House Clue/Prize - Found by Unknown from California.


Big Golf Ball Clue/Prize - Found by Luke Lewis!

Magic Kingdom:

Lake by No Wake Sign Clue/Prize - Found by Austin Anderson!


Palm Tree Clue/Prize - Found by Bradley Woolgar!

Bass Pro Spanish Fort:

Waterfall Clue/Prize - Found by Mack Parker!